Product description

ASAMV plus high voltage soft starter is a new type start-up equipment which integrates electronic techniques, computer techniques and modern control theory. It is the new generation product to replace the conventional star-delta starter, self-coupling voltage-drop starter and magnetic control voltage-drop. starter in high voltage applications

At a glance

  • Widely used in electric industry with rated voltage 3000 to 10000V
  • Mainly applicable to the control and protection for the starting and stopping of squirrel-cage type asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Application in water pumps, fans, compressors, crashers, agitators and conveyer belt etc.
  • Start frequency reach to 1-3 times per hour
  • Open-phase protection, Over-current protection in operation, Unbalanced phase current protection,Overload protection, Underload protection
  • Start timeout, Over-voltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Phase protection and Ground protection
  • Communication support RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol. Support maximum 31 devices in network.
  • LCD display with 6 touch membrane keyboard


Customer benefits

  • Solves effectively the surging problem of inertia system when stopping
  • Only active at startup (and stop, if equipped). Ramping up the initial voltage to the motor produces gradual motor start
  • (Generates a gentle start to relieve torque and tension (conveyors, beltdriven systems, gears, etc
  • Eliminate pressure surges caused in piping systems when fluid changes direction rapidly